Fred Iselin and A.C. Spectorsky write, in Invitation to Skiing, 1947, about the Pole Christie and how to make this turn aided by the ski “pole:”

‘Although frowned on by some ski theorists and teachers, the stem christie executed with the help of one pole is an extremely useful maneuver [sic]…The use is restricted to adverse skiing conditions…(The principal objection to it is based on a feeling that the skier who once learns it will over-use it…Another frequent objection is that any placing of a pole in front of the skier is potentially dangerous…) This is how the turn is performed. The skier is in a traverse and decides to turn. He counter swings and counter stems, and just as the counter swing is completed…he plants the pole on the inside of the turn about two feet out to the side [and in front]…The instant the pole point enters the snow, he starts his turn…’ 21

1947 - Illus. and photo of execution of the Pole Christie

1947 – Illus. and photo of execution of the Pole Christie. Fred Iselin and A.C. Spectorsky, Invitation to Skiing, New York, NY: Simon and Schuster, 1947, 120-121